Sentimo Bespoke Radiator Covers

Transform existing radiators into stylish features with Sentimo bespoke radiator covers.


Traditional-style radiators in offices, living rooms and kitchens; bedrooms, bathrooms and toilets are, with the best will in the world, often thought to be eyesores at best.

Optimal Heat Conduction

Available in a range of colours

Custom made to fit your radiator

Very quick and easy fitting

Your radiator deserves a makeover!

With Sentimo, you can colour match or use as an accent colour to suit the style of your home 

How to get your Sentimo

Bespoke radiator covers grey 4


Bespoke radiator covers grey 3

Order online

Bespoke radiator covers grey 2

Click into place

Bespoke radiator covers grey


Bespoke Radiator Covers


With Sentimo custom radiator covers, you can give them a brand-new look by simply covering them using a sleekly designed metallic cover made in any colour to match your decor.


Every one of our Sentimo radiator covers is custom-made especially for you at an expansive metal processing factory situated in the Netherlands (EU).

Why Sentimo?


  • Custom manufactured to fit any size of radiator


  • Available in an extensive range of colours to match any décor


  • Optimal heat conduction


  • High quality finish


  • Manufactured from scratch in any required size, choice of colour and either a ‘groove’ or ‘solid’ finish upon receipt of your personalised order by a well-established Dutch metal processing company within the European Union


  • Easy assembly and installation (no drilling required) utilising strong magnets. Lattice and side panels attach to front panel, cover then simply ‘clicks on’ to existing radiator.


  • Easy online ordering


  • Delivered to any address in Mainland UK within 30 days of order confirmation


  • 3-year guarantee against manufacturing defects of any kind
Bespoke radiator covers white
Bespoke radiator covers beige
Bespoke radiator covers beige

Transform existing radiators into stylish features with Sentimo bespoke radiator covers.

Bespoke radiator covers grey
Bespoke radiator covers black

Use our configurator to get a quote for your bespoke radiator covers.



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