Black Radiator Covers

Make a Style Statement with Sentimo Black Radiator Covers

Black is beautiful – and very much en vogue in terms of interior design this year, so why not make your very own style statement with Sentimo black radiator covers?

Current Interior Design trends

This year’s interior design trends cover a wide range of styles, including, for example:Black Radiator Covers

  • “Less is More” Sustainability) for living rooms, offices and bedrooms
  • Rich, deep jewel-inspired tones and a hard-to-miss edge for hallways
  • Boldly patterned backsplashes for kitchens
  • Spa-inspired, dark & sultry black bathrooms
  • The organic materials & plant life of the “Biophelia” style and
  • The primary colours & graphic shapes of the “Memphis Design Movement”

What all these styles have in common is their comparative simplicity and their use of black and other rich, deep colours to provide stylish edges, accents and focal points.

Black Radiator Covers

Whether you wish to transform one or more rooms to reflect one of these styles or wish to make your own bold style statement, custom-made black Sentimo radiators are the perfect way to turn any old flat or column radiator into a stylish, fashionable focal point without breaking your budget.

Available in three elegant, high-quality finishes (solid, classic or groove), our bespoke radiator covers are made from metal. Clipping straight onto your radiator via magnets, they consequently offer optimal heat conduction, while their built-in top & bottom grills encourage free-flowing convection – ensuring your rooms are nice and toasty, whatever the weather!

Easy Configuration, Assembly & Installation

Easy to configure (simply follow the step-by-step instructions here), your tailor-made radiator covers will be delivered (complete with a three-year guarantee against any kind of manufacturing defect) within 30 days of your order being confirmed – and once you receive them, you can have your personal style statement assembled and installed in as little as five minutes (without having to use any tools!)

Alternative Colours and Ideas

Not sure if you’re brave enough to make such a bold statement? Worry not – Sentimo metal radiators come in a choice of 51 beautiful colours, so you can either use a less dramatic colour to create your focal point or simply let those old radiators ‘blend away’ into your existing décor with a cover in a colour matching your walls.

Need a little extra inspiration? Check out our “Stories” and “Lookbook” for some exciting ideas on transforming different rooms with Sentimo bespoke radiator covers…

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