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Bring Style to Your Hallway with a Sentimo Narrow Radiator Cover

Your hallway is more than a place to take off your shoes & coat: it’s your ‘welcome card’ to visitors – and an old, unsightly radiator can give callers a bad first impression. A Sentimo narrow radiator cover, on the other hand, will bring that little extra welcoming style to your hallway that will make your visitors feel right at home.

The “Forgotten Room”Narrow Radiator Cover 1

Despite being the first thing visitors see as they enter your home, the fact that hallways are typically quite small and used predominantly to shed coats, hats, shoes and umbrellas means they are frequently forgotten when it comes to decorative style.

Callers are subsequently often greeted by the sight of an unsightly old radiator ‘lurking’ behind the door – which can give them a rather dim first impression of your sense of style and your home in general.

So – how can you make your hallway more stylish and inviting? The answer is simple: with a Sentimo radiator cover!

Making Your Hallway More Inviting with a Narrow Radiator Cover

Suitable for both column and flat radiators, Sentimo radiator covers are made-to-measure, which means they can be used to transform radiators of any size – wide or narrow – and in any room of your home, not just your hallway.

What’s more, they are available in a choice of 51 colours, so you can either have them neatly blend away into your décor or use them to bring a pop of bold colour into a room – as was done in the kitchen in Image 3.

Configuring your bespoke Sentimo radiator cover could not be easier – simply:

  1. Tell us what type of radiator you have
  2. Choose a finish (Solid, Groove or Classic)
  3. Pick a colour
  4. Tell us which room the cover will be fitted in
  5. Enter your measurements (please note that the type of knob your radiator has makes a difference to measurements, so please follow the provided instructions carefully to ensure a perfect fit)

Finally, check your details on the summary page and hey presto, you are ready to order! Your stylish radiator cover will be delivered to you in an easy-to-assemble kit and, once assembled, simply clicks onto the radiator using the provided magnets.

Are you ready to transform your hallway (or indeed any other room in your home) with a Sentimo narrow radiator cover? Configure your cover here.

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Narrow Radiator Cover 3

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