Sentimo Radiator Covers FAQ


Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions concerning our radiator covers.

Why is the Sentimo cover wider than the radiator?

Our covers are made with predetermined initial lengths of 35 cm and incremental length increases of 10 cm. Measured dimensions are invariably rounded to the nearest available production dimension. We will, for example, round measured dimensions of 38 or 41 cm up to 45 cm.

Do the radiator covers reach right up to walls?

Your Sentimo cover will not reach your wall. The cover’s depth (from your radiator’s front to the wall) is always below the determined value. While the cover will not actually connect to your wall, your radiator will be covered completely, with the cover appearing to loosely ‘float’ against the wall.

Please make sure to check that the dimensions assigned agree with the available space before placing your definitive order.

If the space between wall and radiator will not be fully covered anyway, why do I need to measure it?

Depending on your radiator’s model and bracket, the cover could also fit a panel radiator with 2 or 3 layers, which would mean less space between the cover and the wall. We therefore ask customers to measure that space, as opposed to just measuring the radiator’s depth.

Are the pipe recesses always located in the same position?

The side-wall recesses are invariably either at the top, bottom, left or right-hand side. Every cover features four push-out spacings and will therefore accommodate your pipes no matter where they are located.

Will there be any heat loss?

Sentimo Covers are made of flat high-quality galvanised steel. As they are attached directly to radiators using magnets, heat conductivity is warranted to be optimal. Minimal heat loss is, as a matter of fact, one of our covers’ most beneficial features.

Can I purchase spare parts separately?

Yes, if required, the grille, side panels and magnets can all be purchased separately.

What is the Sentimo's expected delivery time?

Your Sentimo cover is a bespoke item which will be delivered within approximately 30 days following receipt of your order confirmation.

Still have questions?

Contact us right now, we are here to help!

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