The Sentimo bespoke radiator cover adds a touch of exclusive beauty to your interior.

How it works….

Totally unique, this high-quality metal cover gives existing radiators a new look in just one click – literally. This, of course, means your radiators no longer are disturbing, visually unpleasant elements within your home.


Available in varying sizes for both column and panel radiators, Sentimo radiator covers come in an extensive range of beautiful colours.

Bespoke radiator covers example
Bespoke radiator covers example
Bespoke radiator covers example
measuring tape

Suitable for all living spaces, including even damp rooms like the bathroom, for instance, Sentimo covers are supplied in a handy, easily assembled kit that clicks onto your radiator with magnets.


The Sentimo sizes you receive are based on your specific measurements. The cover’s depth will invariably be smaller than your measured size because it must be positioned away from the wall. Its length and height will always be a few cm bigger than your measurements, as it must slide over the radiator.


Would you prefer us to take your radiator measurements? Take advantage of our measuring service! Measuring your radiators and providing appropriate advice, our consultant always carries a colour fan to help him work with you on determining the cover’s colour!

Choose Your Cover’s Appearance


Sentimo draws a distinction between two cover types: the ‘Solid’ variant and the ‘Groove’ variant. The ‘Solid’ variant features a flat plate, while the ‘Groove’ variant features a plate with rails spaced at 5 cm intervals. Examples of both are shown below.

sentimo solid


sentimo groove


Select Your Colour


Our Website offers a range of different colours – most of which are RAL colours – for you to choose from.

Not sure which colour to choose? You can order colour swatches on our Website. Made of metal, these swatches provide an instant impression of the Sentimo cover’s quality.

Watch this video to see how to assemble your Sentimo cover.

Looks great, right? Order your Sentimo Bespoke Radiator Cover right now!

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