Keep Yourself Warm in Cold Weather 3

How to Keep Yourself Warm in Cold Weather

Once again, Winter is drawing near, so here are our five top tips on how to keep yourself warm in cold weather without sending your energy bill soaring.

How to Keep Yourself Warm in Cold Weather

Getting your loft insulated and installing a smart heating system are obviously excellent ways of reducing your heating bills. The initial outlay – though well worth it in the long run – can, however, be quite substantial. With Christmas also looming on the horizon, these ideas may therefore not be viable options right now, so we decided to focus on a few ideas to keep you warm without costing the earth:

Keep Yourself Warm in Cold Weather 1Wrap Up – Maybe obvious, but… Put on a nice, thick jumper; wrap up in a blanket while reading or watching TV and consider keeping your socks on when you go to bed. Yes, it’s simple, it’s as basic as it gets – but it’s also one of the most effective ways of keeping you toasty no matter what the weather throws at you.



Keep Yourself Warm in Cold Weather 2Get Cooking – There’s nothing quite like home-made roasts, stews and casseroles to warm your cockles – and what’s more, preparing these delicious ‘Winter warmers’ requires a lot of cooking heat, which in turn will help to warm up your home.



Keep Yourself Warm in Cold Weather 3Cuddle Up – Emperor penguins huddle up in huge groups – and there’s a good reason for that: sharing body heat is an extremely powerful tool when it comes to keeping warm! Snuggle up on the sofa with your loved one or a pet to feel as snug as a bug in a rug. Even simply getting the whole family to spend some time together in the same room will get enough body heat shared to make everybody feel surprisingly warm.


Keep Yourself Warm in Cold Weather 4Look After Your Radiators – Firstly, failing to properly warm your home, inefficient radiators are often due to trapped air within the system. They are also unbelievably expensive to run, so cut down the cost and get a cosy home by getting out that radiator key and bleeding every radiator in the house.

Secondly, while ‘hiding’ unsightly radiators behind furniture or curtains may be a tempting thought, doing so will block most of the heat coming from them (not to mention the potential risk of fire!) – leaving your home cold while your heating costs spiral.

Keep Yourself Warm in Cold Weather 5Consider investing in some custom-made metal radiator covers instead. Available in an extensive range of beautiful colours, grooved or solid finishes and suitable for flat or column radiators of any size, these incredibly easy to install covers are an extremely cost-effective way of ‘blending’ your radiators into your existing décor while keeping heat loss – and heating expenses – minimal.



Keep Yourself Warm in Cold Weather 6Open & Close Your Curtains – Open your curtains in the morning (especially on sunny days) to allow the sun to warm up your home during the day and close them when the sun sets in the evening to prevent all that nice heat from escaping.

Over to You…

Do you have any other low-cost ideas for keeping warm in Winter? We’d love to hear them…



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