Installing Your Metal Radiator Covers


Assembling and installing your metal radiator covers is exceptionally easy. To install your brand-new designer radiator covers, simply watch this video and/or follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Step-By-Step Instructions for Installing Your Metal Radiator Covers


The following steps show just how easy mounting your bespoke radiator cover is.

Bespoke radiator covers fitting 6

Mount the supplied magnets on your radiators corners.

Bespoke radiator covers fitting 5

Place the front panel face down onto the ground and hook the grille section onto its upper side.

Bespoke radiator covers fitting 4

Attach the side parts by first clipping them onto the grille.

Bespoke radiator covers fitting 3

Now insert the tabs located on the front panel through the corresponding slots on the side parts and securing them by pushing them down towards the outside.

Bespoke radiator covers fitting

Break through the pre-cut shape on the side the radiator’s thermostat is located (using pliers if necessary).

Bespoke radiator covers fitting 2

Place your Sentimo Radiator Cover centrally over your radiator, where the magnets will hold it securely onto your radiator as if floating.

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