Interior Design Trends 2019 4

Interior Design Trends 2019

Find out what will be hot in your home next year with our round up of the very latest news on interior design trends 2019.

Interior Design Trends 2019

Interior Design Trends 2019 1In terms of colours, 2019 will see a great deal of ‘Gen-Z Yellow’. The colour of emoticons, this bright shade of yellow is set to pop up all over the place across both fashion and interior design this coming year. Somewhat of a ‘stop-and-stare’ colour, this strong shade is perhaps best incorporated into interiors in the shape ‘colour pops’ – i.e. wall art, a designer sofa, cushions, rugs, curtains, etc.

Shades of purple (and especially Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2018 – Ultra Violet) are also still very much on trend, as are ‘earthy colours’ including anything from rust and burgundy to terracotta and caramel. Boasting invitingly warm amber, woody/sandy tones, Spiced Honey (or Salted Caramel), which was recently named Dulux’s colour of the year 2019, is especially trendy among these hues.

The past months have also been indicating a huge comeback of the organic shapes and patterns of the 1970s – which, of course, also includes those earthy colours, as well as warm, ‘nude’ neutrals like the friendly tones of stonewashed linen, oatmeal and earthy jute; wool, canvas, hemp and wood.Interior Design Trends 2019 2

Set to replace the greys that have been so popular for the last year or so, these sandy shades will sit well with the very latest trend in kitchen and bathroom taps – factory-inspired, industrial-style brass taps. Mixing equally well with the deeper, earthy colours mentioned above, brass taps will also add a little extra shine to the latest bathroom trend, which introduces honed, smoothly polished concrete as a practical, tough and yet incredibly stylish basis for a very functional look.

Thanks to the latest staining/printing techniques, concrete also offers itself as a wonderful blank canvas to have a little fun with – and you can always break up that utilitarian (and admittedly slightly ‘cold’) look by adding a pop of colour – you could, for instance, transform your radiator into a warm focal point with a Sentimo radiator cover, with 51 colours available, we have the cover perfect for you.Interior Design Trends 2019 4

More Interior Design Trends 2019

Kitchens are also set to change – the main trend to look out for here is the shift to blue – and especially navy blue – for cabinetry, splashbacks, flooring and walls. From shaker-style classic kitchens to minimal, chic modern spaces, blue is the colour to go for – and the most popular finishes are matt and powdery.

Interior Design Trends 2019 5The sky’s the limit in interior design trends 2019, with designers using celestial motifs – from sophisticated zodiac and astronomy patterns, galaxy murals and cosmic tile work to star-strewn plates, fabrics, etc. and galactic surfaces – to create truly heavenly results.

Other trends to look out for include the sumptuous, luxurious comfort of velvet for sofas, beds and chairs; curtains, cushions, etc., fringing/tassels on lamps, curtains, cushions and even mirrors; scales, scallops and mermaid tiles (which will look great in kitchens, bathrooms and even bedrooms or hallways), and, last, but by no means least, the so-called ‘Crittal-style’.

Part of the move to ‘industrial’ style interiors, this style uses slim-profile, edgy frames to give anything from doors and windows to entire walls, room dividers, shower screens and more a cool, modern edge.

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