Metal Radiator Covers for Hospitals

Sentimo Metal Radiator Covers for Hospitals

Elegant and easy to install & clean, Sentimo metal radiator covers for hospitals are the perfect solution to transforming old hospital radiators from potential health hazards into stylish, hygienic appliances.

The Trouble with Old Hospital Radiators

Old, unsightly radiators can make even the best-kept hospital wards, offices, kitchens and treatment rooms look a little grubby.

What’s more, if they are traditional column radiators, they can also be incredibly difficult to clean in the event of spillages (getting into all those nooks and crannies is often anything but easy).

Metal Radiator Covers for HospitalsHiding such radiators behind traditional stone or wooden covers does little to prevent this from happening, as the slots/holes in the front of such covers (which are necessary to allow heat to pass into rooms) make them equally (if not more so) difficult to keep clean and free from potentially harmful bacteria.

These covers also require a great deal of installation (typically involving plenty of noise, mess/dust and general upheaval), can be quite expensive and take up a significant amount of space – which is often at a premium in both treatment rooms and on patient wards.

There is, however, a much more attractive, cost-effective, space-saving and easy-to-install & keep-clean solution: Sentimo radiator covers.

Bespoke Metal Radiator Covers for Hospitals

Made-to-measure and suitable for both column & flat radiators, Sentimo custom-made metal radiator covers:

  • Offer optimal heat conduction and encourage free-flowing convection to keep hospital wards cosy and warm for patients, while keeping energy costs at a low
  • Come in a range of 51 stunning colours, perfect for either blending radiators into the background or creating stunning focal points (a yellow cover would, for example, bring a delightful touch of sunshine and fun into a children’s ward!)
  • Are slim, stylish and, as they clip directly onto radiators, will take up virtually no extra space at all
  • Can be installed quickly, easily and without any use of tools, dust/mess and disruption to daily hospital activities

Metal Radiator Covers for Hospitals 2Finally, but perhaps most importantly, they are easy to clean.

Spills can be simply wiped away – leaving the covers free of bacteria likely to endanger the health of patients and hospital staff.

For more detailed information and/or to discuss your hospital’s specific requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us online, e-mail us: or give our helpful team a call on +44 20 3053 9567 today.

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