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The Importance of Choosing Colours for Your Home Wisely

The colours we use to decorate our homes can have a significant impact on our moods and the way we feel in general. Choosing colours for your home wisely is therefore of utmost importance.

The Importance of Choosing Colours for Your Home Wisely

Since the day our distant ancestors first realised that red generally signalled danger and purple berries were typically poisonous, colours have been associated with different moods and feelings. Today, most interior designers rely on colours to generate specific moods within the spaces they design. To help you create the right mood in your rooms, we have explored varying colours and the moods they are associated with:

brc pinkPink: Associated with love, pink can be extremely restful and peaceful, which makes it a wonderful colour for bedrooms. Naturally, the shade of pink you choose can make a difference – hot fuchsia pink, for example, will introduce a great deal of passion into your environment. If you find this colour a little too sickly sweet and girlie, try counteracting this by introducing elements of black or dark charcoal into the mix.


brc lilacLilac: Considered a feminine colour and suggesting that ‘misty region’ between sky and heaven, lilac is usually associated with matters of spirituality. A perfect colour for creating stress-free sanctuaries, it is ideal for bathrooms and bedrooms. To prevent a mostly lilac room from becoming insipid, try livening matters up a little with silver, black or both.


brc yellowYellow; Associated with energy and sunshine, yellow is said to stimulate the intellect. As such not a terribly restful colour for bedrooms, it is best used in kitchens, dining rooms, play areas or north-facing rooms, where it can brighten things up magnificently. Care is, however, advised in the use of yellow, as it is also believed to enhance feelings related to emotional distress.


brc orangeOrange: Orange is associated with warmth, reassurance and stability. Also believed to aid digestion, this colour is therefore perfect for dining and living rooms or kitchens. It is not a good colour to use in bedrooms, as it has the potential to keep occupants awake. It should also be noted that this is a so-called ‘advancing colour’, which means it could make a room appear smaller. This effect can, however, be counteracted by ensuring the room gets lots of light.


brc redRed: Best avoided in babies’ rooms, red is associated with adventure, danger and energy; warmth, passion and optimism. Promoting lively, sociable feelings and stimulating the appetite, it is ideal for dining, meeting and, at a push, living rooms. Please note, however, that red can easily become overpowering and may lead to headaches. Painting just one wall red, varying shades of red and/or only using red for accessories is therefore highly recommended.


brc brownBrown: Perfect for living rooms or bedrooms, brown is a very practical colour associated with stability and security. As it can, however, lack in mental stimulation, you may want to try introducing slightly livelier shades of green or blue into the mix.



brc greenGreen: Restful and calming, green is associated with nature, energy and stability; security, hope and balance (mid-way between blue and red). A fantastic colour for bedrooms and living rooms, it can, however, occasionally make occupants too laid back or complacent. Try counteracting these feelings by adding a few orange and/or red elements.


brc blueBlue: Associated with authority, loyalty, serenity and protection, blue is a calming, soothing and contemplative colour said to prevent nightmares and keep hunger at bay. As such, it is perfect for bedrooms, studies/offices and bathrooms. Choosing blues with warm undertones will prevent a room appearing cold and unwelcoming.



brc purplePurple: Purple is associated with joy, creativity, sex and fertility, as well as magic, death and evil. Generally considered great for bedrooms, it can, however, become somewhat overpowering, so bringing in a few lighter elements (lilac, pink, silver, etc.) is certainly advisable.



brc blackBlack: A colour associated with drama, eccentricity and death, black is a “non-colour” that effectively absorbs other colours without reflecting anything back. As such, it can be depressing and should be used in moderation, i.e. predominantly in the shape of accessories to temper the sugary sweetness of other colours (pink, lilac, etc.), rather than as a room’s base colour.


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