Tips for Christmas Decorating 1

8 Top Tips for Christmas Decorating

It won’t be long before Christmas is upon us – time to once again turn our homes into glittering, festive retreats. Need some inspiration? Check out these top tips for Christmas decorating…

8 Tips for Christmas Decorating 2018

Tips for Christmas Decorating 1Tip #1: First, remember your own style. Yes, it matters – because if you wouldn’t normally go for bright, bold colours, that eye-catching reindeer will soon drive you mad. Similarly, if your home is decorated in a clutter-free, minimalistic style, adding lots of colourful ‘Christmassy’ knick-knacks may be less than a good idea…

Tip #2: Pick a theme – or colour scheme – for your decorations. Would you like a classy look with lots of gold, or do you think your family would prefer a stylish white Christmas? Or maybe the super-trendy ‘rainbow’ look? Whatever you decide, it is important to carry your chosen theme throughout your home, as things may otherwise get a little ‘tacky’. Not sure what to go for? Check out these festive themes for some extra inspiration…Tips for Christmas Decorating 2

Tip #3: Bring a festive feel to every nook & cranny in your home – from the front room and kitchen to the hallway, bedrooms and even the bathroom – with Christmas tree cuttings, festive ribbons, tinsel and a few nicely folded, cosy blankets dotted about in ‘strategic places’ to make it feel incredibly warm and welcoming.

Tips for Christmas Decorating 3Tip #4: Speaking of warm & welcoming… do make sure your house really is warm by bleeding your radiators (trapped air within your heating system can significantly reduce your heating’s efficiency!) and making sure the heat coming off them is not blocked from circulating around the rooms by furniture, drapes, etc.

Worried about unsightly radiators ruining your festive look? Let them ‘fade’ into the background or make them stylish elements of your overall décor with Sentimo bespoke radiator covers. Custom-made to fit radiators of any size & type (column or flat), easy to install and cost-effective, these metal radiator covers come in a wide choice of beautiful colours, so there’s sure to be one to suit your taste.

Tip #5: Draped around house plants, windows and doors; the fireplace, the back of your sofa or your beds’ headboards, lots of fairy lights will brighten up and add an instant ‘Christmassy’ feel to any area within your home – and give you perfectly cosy lighting for opening presents, playing family games and watching TV. Make sure not to keep them all silver and gold, though, as this can feel a little ‘cold’.Tips for Christmas Decorating 4

Tip #6: Dot festive wreaths around your home (inside and outside) for an extra welcoming touch of style and warmth. You could even make a few yourself

Tip #7: Festive fragrances are a must for Christmas, as, of course, are candles. Combine the two by stocking up on candles scented with fun fragrances like spiced orange, gingerbread, cinnamon, and so on.

Tips for Christmas Decorating 7Tip #8: Finally, don’t forget your Christmas dinner table – consider how you want it to look, with a table cloth or runner, matching napkins, crackers and candles and maybe a few plants or tree cuttings for an extra stylish, fresh touch.

Do you have any other tips for Christmas decorating? Please share them with us here…


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