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Top Tips to Style a Bathroom

Are you looking to make your bathroom as stylish as the rest of your home? Check out these top tips to style a bathroom…

Top Tips to Style a Bathroom

Turning your bathroom into a stylish haven of peace is not as difficult – or expensive – as you may imagine with these top bathroom styling tips:

Style a Bathroom 1#1: Shelving – Merge form and function with an extensive choice of floating shelves, slick mirror cabinets, bespoke boxes and/or freestanding units to turn your bathroom into a well-appointed, stylish pamper zone- and bring in that essential sense of calm by clearing out any excess clutter.



Style a Bathroom 2#2: Radiator – You could also transform your bathroom radiator using a Sentimo radiator cover choosing an accent colour to match your bathroom design.

Sentimo Radiator Covers come in 51 different colour choices and with a bespoke selection of sizes available, your made to measure radiator cover is a few clicks away – you can order online here.


Style a Bathroom 3#3: Hampers – Practical and stylish, hampers are a great way to add texture to minimalist schemes – and perfect for keeping your laundry under wraps. Jute hampers are especially stylish.

Try to find a lightweight one with a removable polyester inner lining, as this will protect your hamper against absorption of moisture and odours from your laundry, while at the same time making things easier to bundle up.


#4: Baskets – Don’t have enough space to ‘hide’ away spare toilet rolls? Arrange them nicely in a basket – or even on a shelf – to make them a stylish addition to the room.


Style a Bathroom 4#5: Towels – Arrange your towels in a pyramid on a stool or the top of a freestanding unit to give your bathroom a ‘spa-like’ feel.




Style a Bathroom 5#6: Plants & Flowers – Add a touch of nature with a hanging plant or dress up your window with elegant glass vases filled with colourful flowers and/or pot plants in beautiful ceramic or porcelain pots.



Style a Bathroom 6#7: Art/Objets d’Art – Keep your bathing accoutrements and jewellery in pretty porcelain dishes, pots or boxes or, if you want a more ‘natural’ look, pretty little baskets. Use decorative hooks for towels, bathrobes, etc. and consider hanging some art work on the walls (assuming your bathroom is well ventilated!) Even if you have no problems with damp, we recommend hanging your art well clear of wet areas (i.e. on the wall near your vanity unit).

#8: Fragrance – Use stylish incense holders with sticks or cones to bring both luxurious fragrances and a little extra ‘spa’ style into your bathroom.

Style a Bathroom 7#9: Bath/Body Products – Finally, display (and, of course, use) quality hand-made products with natural ingredients, beautiful scents and (you’ve guessed it) stylish packaging you can be proud to show off. Your skin will thank you for it – as will that of your family and guests.


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