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Transform Your Smallest Room with a Sentimo Small White Radiator Cover

Small White Radiator Cover 1Whether you live in a cottage or a mansion; a bungalow, villa or council house, chances are that you will have at least one tiny room with a small radiator that stands out like a sore thumb and ruins the room’s look. Thankfully, you can now transform your smallest room into a stylish guest room, home office or child’s bedroom; kitchen or bathroom with a Sentimo small white radiator cover.

Why Install a Sentimo Radiator Cover?

You could, of course, simply freshen up your radiator’s appearance by painting it. This does, however, tend to be a time-consuming, messy undertaking – not to mention the fumes emanating from the paint!Small White Radiator Cover 2

Another option is to cover your radiator with a wooden radiator cabinet – which will again be time-consuming and can be downright awkward to do in a small room.

What’s more, apart from taking up a great deal of space (which is inevitable due to the distance necessary between wood and radiator to prevent the risk of fire – and the last thing you need in an already small room), this will also trap much of the heat generated by the radiator inside the cabinet. Your room will subsequently take much longer to get warm and cosy – which will invariable send your energy bills through the roof when it’s freezing outside!

Made to measure Sentimo radiator covers, on the other hand, are made from metal. Simply clicking onto your small radiator via magnets, they are not only quick and easy to assemble & install but also offer optimal heat conduction (the close metal-to-metal connection means there is virtually no heat loss at all).

Taking up no extra space and available in three elegant designs & 51 delightful colours, they are subsequently the perfect solution to transforming unsightly radiators into stylish features – quickly, mess-free and without your energy expenses spiralling out of control.

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Ordering Your Small White Radiator Cover

Whether you are looking for a small white radiator cover or want to transform a large radiator into a stunning, colourful focal point, ordering your custom-made Sentimo radiator cover could not be easier: simply hop over to our ‘Configuration’ page and follow the straightforward step-by-step instructions provided there. Why not configure your cover right now?!

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